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The worlds largest and most comprehensive Electronics Events outlet.

Starting around 2015, after many years travelling to different countries trying to find the perfect club night; Global Euphoria was born, dedicated to finding the greatest Electronic Music Events & Festivals the World has to offer!

Global Euphoria is the worlds largest site dedicated to promoting Electronic Dance Music Festivals & Events to avid clubbing followers. Actively promoting over 1000 (and counting) Global Electronic Events to thousands of clubbing enthusiasts, we provide a central hub to help visitors discover new and untapped clubbing environments, from small pubs to super clubs! We only list Electronic music, increasing ad exposurethrough highly targeted market audiences.

Over 15,000 Electronic Dance Music Festivals & Events have been listed Worldwide, free of charge!

The only place online giving access to a Global Clubbing community.

A Little About Global Euphoria…

Global Euphoria is the largest source of anything and everything that is Electronic Dance Music, providing a dedicated ‘what’s on’ guide that spans an entire genre of DJs, Electronic Festivals, Nightclubs, Technology and of course Music.

The website aims to offer avid clubbers around the world a central place to explore and discover new things, from upcoming DJs to small underground events.

Our mission is to create and nurture a community of Clubbing followers, helping educate, inform and support fans globally.

If your a DJ/Producer, Label owner, Event Promoter or just a massive fan of Trance music, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Global Euphoria is constantly searching for new events on a global scale, helping fans to explore the genre of music while bringing people together. The site has listed over 1000 Electronic Festivals that are updated daily, event promoters can submit their info so our software can scan their events automatically.