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John O’Callaghan on What he Thinks about Commercial Trance DJ’s

Irish Trance DJ John O’Callaghan beloved for his releases such as ‘Big Sky’, ‘Exactly’, ‘On a Good Day’ and so on, recently gave his opinion when Armin van Buuren asked what he thought about Trance making a come back and the DJ’s returning to the genre.

Social Media blew up over his remarks, and for good reason; times change, the music changes, the people change, it’s the same with anything. But Trance music… that’s different! Passionate followers believe they own a piece of the Genre, a piece of the DJ and their music, and why shouldn’t they? People invest Months, Years, Decades even in the DJs/Artists they follow, and it’s gut wrenching to when they change their musical style for what ever reason.


SHOTS FIRED!!!!John O'Callaghan Official tells it how it is live on A State Of Trance, to the commercial trance DJ's Armin van Buuren face is priceless. listen up Dash Berlin, Sander van Doorn, Gareth Emery, Andrew Rayel, W&W Orjan Nilsen lolMake sure to join our page Click like on Ibiza Trance Family 🙂

Posted by Ibiza Trance Family on Sunday, 19 February 2017

Out then comes the barrage of hate towards the likes of Gareth Emery on his recent remarks of ‘Make Trance Great Again’. The arrogance of it, i’ll admit is top notch, but who can blame the guy. The haters on Social Media who have posted the video below thousands of times, with words like ‘Sell Out’ to the Artists involved with ‘Coming back to Trance’.

I’d like to share a video by Casey Neistat (if you don’t know the guy go research), who was recently branded a ‘Sell Out’ for selling his Media company to CNN (the Devil News Corporation!!!). His point in the video encapsulates the state of Trance and any Genre really.

I get why Artists step away from what made them great, that underground rawness, can we hate on someone after all the struggles they gone through to get to where they are?? It sucks, it really does to watch the music you love ‘change’, but you can’t blame an Artist for going where the money is, it’s like declining a promotion at work in fear of what your co-workers would think!