Win 2 x Pioneer CDJ 3000 + Mixer of Choice



Based on previous entrant feedback, it's clear you guys wanted this competition to happen! For the first time, we're now offering a pair of Pioneer CDJ 3000's… PLUS MIXER!!!

The winner gets to choose which mixer package they would like (Pioneer DJM 900 NXS 2, Pioneer DJM V-10, Allen & Heath Xone 96 or Rane MP2015).

Simply purchase an entry ticket to the prize draw, we'll then select at random the winning ticket number live on Facebook.

  • Tickets limited to 1000.
  • Worldwide shipping available.
  • Winner chosen live on Facebook.
Time left:

Lottery ends: 03/12/2021 12:00 am
Timezone: Europe/Dublin

This lottery has a minimum of 999 tickets

This lottery is limited to 1000 tickets

Tickets sold: 619

This lottery will have 1 winner

0 1000

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Entry Details

You guys have been private messaging, emailing and commenting calling out for us to make this competition happen! And what a competition it is!!!!

Say hello to our winners choice, Pioneer CDJ 3000 + Mixer Bundle Competition. It's as large of a mouthful to say as it is a prize!

The winner will get to choose one of the following bundle packages worth approx. £7000:

Winners Choice 1

2 x Pioneer CDJ 3000

1 x Pioneer DJM V-10 OR Rane MP 2015


Winners Choice 2

2 x Pioneer CDJ 3000

1 x mixer of choice (Pioneer DJM 900 NXS 2 OR Allen & Heath Xone 96)

2 x Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Speakers

1 x Pioneer HDJ-X10 Headphones

1 x Years subscription to Beatport Pro Link (access to Beatports full library)


1)  Enter by purchasing a ticket.

2) Upon entering you'll be randomly assigned and emailed your ticket number/s.

3) Once tickets are sold, we'll announce the winner live on Facebook using Google's Random Number Generator to choose the winning ticket number.


Entry Details

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This competition has a maximum number of entries as stated above.

Draws are completely live on our Facebook page using Googles random number generator.

Draw numbers are allocated when you enter.  Complete draw lists will be emailed and posted online once the competition has closed.

Entering the competition or successfully answering the question does not guarantee a prize.

Any queries, don’t hesitate to ask via the contact us page.

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*If all tickets do not sell within the time limit, up to an additional eight weeks will be added.

*If after additional time all tickets aren't sold, a cash sum relative to tickets sold will be offered.

* If for some reason we cannot purchase the prize / item in your country a cash sum will be offered.