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Promote your events in the right place, in front of the right people  at the right time! Our loyal fan base of Electronic music lovers return time and time again to find new and exciting Electronic events and festivals. 

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We operate the Worlds largest events guide for Electronic Dance Music (bold statement right?), with over 70,000 yearly events promoted. Our mission is to create and nurture a community of  avid clubbing followers, while supporting event promoters globally.

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Global Euphoria is the worlds largest site dedicated to promoting Electronic Dance Music Festivals & Events. Actively promoting over 70,000 Global Electronic Events to thousands of clubbing enthusiasts, we provide a central hub to help visitors discover new and untapped clubbing experiences, from small pubs to super clubs!

We only list Electronic music, increasing ad exposure through highly targeted market audiences. The website aims to offer avid clubbers around the world a central place to explore and discover new things, from upcoming DJs to small underground events.


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All of our listing packages are without obligation, you are free to cancel whenever you want. You can also change your subscription at any time.




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Full unrestricted access to our promotion services, with your own promoter dashboard to view live events, list as many events as you like.

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All event listings are shown as standard in the search pages, however we offer additional promotion locations outside of the standard search page to help boost exposure.

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Appear within the first few listings within the search page. This can either by search wide (across any search) or country specific.


Target visitors by a specific country, your event will show at the top of the search results.

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Trance lovers want to find Trance events, Techno heads want Techno! So boost your event by targeting the genre you wish.

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Promote your event directly on our homepage in our 'Featured' section. grab the attention on our most visited page.

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Feature your event on every sub-page on our website. That includes, other events, article posts, event guides etc.

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We help promote some of the largest Electronic Festivals in the world, why not be part of our global community too!

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  • Unlimited event listings
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  • 10% off site advertising 


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